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We offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments as well as specialist treatments for health issues such as TMJ, Sleep Apneoa, ENT and much more

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Children’s faces are growing and developing quickly, by the time the child is 5 years old the face is 70% grown, by age 12 the mid-face is 100% grown. So the “window for intervening” if growth is not proceeding normally is short!

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    Specialist Early Intervention Treatment

    O’Connor Dental Health is the first Dental Practice in the country to link these destructive oral habits, particularly Mouth Breathing and Low Tongue Posture, to many of the associated and avoidable health problems. We offer a comprehensive strategy to correct these habits, thereby enhancing the health of the individual. We are a family run Dental Clinic based in the centre of Ballincollig, with ample parking space, why not come in for a visit.


    If your child suffers from any of the health issues below, please make an appointment to see us, as early treatment is very important. A lot of common issues such as snoring, bed wetting, constant sore throat and crooked teeth point to other more serious issues!

    TMJ Treatment Cork
    TMJ & Tooth Grinding

    This can cause Jaw issues and irreversible damage to teeth

    Trouble Sleeping

    Night Terrors, bed wetting or sleep issues can have a considerable effect on a child's growth

    tongue thrusting cork
    Tongue Thrusting

    Tongue thrusting and reverse swallow can be dangerous to a child

    Snoring Treatment Cork

    Snoring is a warning sign for many health issues

    Crooked Teeth Treatment
    Crooked Teeth

    Does your Child currently have Crooked Teeth

    Bed Wetting Treatment Cork
    Bed Wetting

    Does your child wet the bed often, it could be a warning sign

    Sleep Apnea Cork
    Sleep Apneoa

    Sleep Apnoea occurs when someone holds their breath during sleeping

    Mouth Breathing Cork
    Mouth Breathing

    This has numerous negative effects on your child

    ENT problems Cork
    ENT Problems

    Ear, Nose and Throat persistent problems? Regular sore throat?

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    Early Intervention is vital

    We firmly believe in Early Orthodontic Intervention for children (5+) by modifying and correcting the causes of crooked teeth as soon as they present in your child.

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    Focus on the causes of crooked Teeth

    In order to achieve that beautiful smile we need to ensure that the bones (jaws) are sitting correctly and comfortably in relation to one another.

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    General Dentistry

    Your Trusted Dentist in Ballincollig

    Our practice offers a wide range of general dental care treatments, prosthodontics, restorative and cosmetic treatments. Click below for more information

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    Health Issues

    Serious Health conditions caused by dental problems

    Dental problems can certainly create health issues, but it is important to know that our health is frequently adversely affected by mouth breathing, poor tongue resting posture and function, incorrect jaw alignment and physical posture, dysfunctional swallowing and more!

    Health Problems that can be treated by your dentist

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    Early Intervention for Children

    Orthodontics for Teens & Adults

    Health Problems

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