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We are a highly trained professional dental team genuinely offering a unique range of treatment to you and all your family.

Our mission is to ensure that all your dental needs are catered for, from general dental treatments, excellent crown, implant, and bridgework, to a full and comprehensive range of Orthodontics, Orthopaedics, and Orthotropics.

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However, what makes us Really Unique is that we are the only practice in the country trained identify and correct destructive oral habits such as mouth-breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb/digit sucking, and incorrect swallow, the habits that actually cause crooked teeth and poor facial growth, in our Myofunctional Orthodontic Program.

Hence, we offer a complete and comprehensive Orthodontic service to all our patients, both young and ‘not so young’ because we identify, address, and correct the actual CAUSES of Crooked Teeth. The benefits of our program besides straight teeth is that a patient’s Health can be profoundly enhanced, facial aesthetics positively improved, orthodontic treatment accelerated and orthodontic relapse greatly reduced.

Research has shown that correcting these bad oral habits has a Profound Positive Affect on ones HEALTH, helps straighten teeth, properly align the jaws, and encourages proper forward more attractive facial growth, particularly when applied to young children.

Early intervention is a key factor to success (age 5+).

Correction is non-invasive, with Positive Health Benefits that give us something to really Smile about.

Why Choose us?

Dr. Tony O’Connor shares 5 reasons why you should choose O’Connor Dental Health. O’Connor Dental Health is based in Ballincollig, Cork. O’Connor Dental Health offers a wide range of Dental Treatments, based in the heart of Ballincollig in Cork, they offer a state of the art Dental Clinic ready to treat Children and Adults alike.

As well as the general Dental Services such as restorative treatments aimed at saving teeth, cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of a smile, O’Connor Dental Health offers specialist orthodontic treatments aimed to straighten teeth. Adding to this, the clinic specialises with Myofunctional Therapy, and early corrective treatments aimed to treating the underlying causes to crooked teeth and health problems early on before they become more serious issues


Children’s Learning Area

We have a colourful fun environment to teach you and your children.

Dentists Room

We are equipped with the latest appliances to make sure your visit to the Dentist is as enjoyable as possible

Reception Area

You can relax, read and chat in our reception area

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As a general Dentist for the past 26 years, I have had the advantage of observing many patients who present with broken, decayed, worn down, and crooked teeth. While the latest technology has enhanced the more efficient restoration of teeth


General Dentist

Bridget graduated from UCC with a Bachelor of Science in 1977, and her Higher Diploma in Education in 1978. She taught Biology, Chemistry, and Maths at leaving certificate level for 20 years before joining the team.

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Myofunctional Therapy

Emily joined the team in 2005. Her gentle, kind, caring, and intuitive nature always impresses patients attending the practice. However, these wonderful qualities are in no way compromised by either her organisational skills, not the efficiency with which she completes her day to day job

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Tracey joined O'Connor Dental Health in November 2017 after graduating from UCC in 2016 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. Tracey is extremely friendly and caring an excels at keeping both adults and children at ease when they come in to the practice.

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