Useful Tips for Parents - Baby Face Growth

Useful tips for parents in order to help their babies faces grow normally.

Why Early Intervention is important

Dr Mahony here explains why non-extraction orthodontics is much better than having extraction orthodontics.

Tongue ties in babies, the untethered truth.

Helen Ahern from the Irish Examiner, explores the issue of Tongue Ties, a condition which if undiagnosed may lead to developmental delays in children and adults.

Parent Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from a happy client.
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Tongue Tie - Case Study

This interesting case study illustrates the effects of tongue tie, and the dramatic effects after the treatment.

Finding Connor Deegan

Watch this incredible story and how sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep issues can affect a child. ADHD and other behavioral problems are rampant today with millions of children on prescription medications with or without psychotherapy. A significant number of these children have a treatable sleep-breathing problem, which goes undiagnosed.Watch this short video about a mother’s excruciatingly painful journey to help her son, Connor who was labeled with a condition called oppositional defiant disorder.

Myofunctional Orthodontics - Before and after

Before and After Treatments. These are 3 patients who had Orthodontic Treatment in combination with the Myofunctional Therapy program.

Orthotropic Treatment explained

This a brief explanation of what Orthotropics is all about

Biocloc Orthotropics

The goal of Biobloc Orthotropic treatment is to correct the improper oral posture causing the problem and to the degree possible (especially depending on the age) improve the facial balance to be as close as possible to the genetic plan for the individual plan. Biobloc Orthotropics seeks to create an environment for the tongue that is compatible with proper rest oral posture and to develop both jaws forward. Essentially, Biobloc Orthotropics is a Growth Guidance System that alters an unfavourable facial growth pattern to a more positive one.