Biobloc Orthotropic Treatment

to correct the improper oral posture causing the problem

Biobloc Orthotropic Treatment

Why Biobloc Orthotropic Treatment is needed

Malocclusions of all varieties (crooked teeth, “buck teeth, deep bites etc.) are but one symptom of unfavourable facial growth. Unfavourable facial growth occurs when the patient’s resting tongue posture is altered usually secondary to airway issues.


Unfavourable facial growth (usually excessively vertical growth) continues and become more obvious as the child gets older. The child who is cute at age 5 is often not so cute at age 10. Traditional Orthodontics focuses on treating the symptom (crooked teeth etc.) and ignores the cause of the problem (altered Resting Tongue Posture).

Unless the Rest Oral Posture is corrected the straight teeth will not stay straight and unfavourable changes will occur throughout life. These unfavourable facial changes have aesthetic as well as functional issues since the patient’s airway can be compromised with lack of proper forward growth of the face.

What is Proper Rest Oral Posture?

Proper Rest Oral Posture is present when:

  • The teeth are together or very slightly apart
  • The Tongue is to the Palate with the tip behind the front teeth and
  • The Lips are together without strain.

The Goal:

The goal of Biobloc Orthotropic treatment is to correct the improper oral posture causing the problem and to the degree possible (especially depending on the age) improve the facial balance to be as close as possible to the genetic plan for the individual plan.


Biobloc Orthotropics seeks to create an environment for the tongue that is compatible with proper rest oral posture and to develop both jaws forward.


Essentially, Biobloc Orthotropics is a Growth Guidance System that alters an unfavourable facial growth pattern to a more positive one.

What the Treatment involves:

Biobloc Treatment involves the use of Acrylic Appliances, that firstly develop the Jaws to their correct size and shape, followed by the Biobloc appliance itself (also Acrylic). This appliance actually “Trains” the child to posture their Lower Jaw Forward, while all the rest of the Cranial Bones adapt to this new position.

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It must be pointed-out that this treatment is difficult, it requires a firm commitment from both child and Parents. Since treatment may begin around 8 years of age and that the child will require regular monitoring until all the Growth of the Face is near completion (approx 12/13 years) this treatment may not be for everyone.


However patients who comply and stay the course can expect some profound Facial Changes, more balanced Jaw Joints, together with other health benefits.

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