Myofunctional Therapy

Prevent Crooked Teeth and other health issues!

What Does ``Myofunction`` Mean?

‘Myo’ is the Greek word for muscle. From the moment we are born, the ‘function’ or activity of our oral muscles such as the tongue, lips, and cheeks will determine the position of our facial bones, and hence our erupting teeth.

Correct function of these oral muscles will achieve good structure of the face and associated bones, hence resulting in stable, straight teeth. The converse is also true.

Check for the Symptoms

Why would you wait for 90% of the deformity to establish?

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Why Myofunctional Orthodontics?

We all love our children and want the very best for them, but an astounding 75% of them develop crowded teeth and incorrect jaw alignment.

The standard advice given to parents is to wait until all the permanent teeth have erupted, usually about the age of 12 years, before embarking on an orthodontic pathway.

This really does not make sense as growth and development of the mid-face is completed by this time!

Myofunctional (muscle) habits such as:

are the REAL CAUSES of crooked teeth.

It is now very well documented that many children display and adopt abnormal muscle habits of the lips, cheeks and tongue in the early stages of life.

These bad habits adversely affect jaw development and hence the positioning of erupting teeth, by limiting the child’s normal forward facial growth.

Dentists and Orthodontists are becoming increasingly aware that when a child’s teeth are crooked, their facial growth and development is negatively affected.


O’Connor Dental Health is the first Dental Practice in the country to link these destructive oral habits, particularly Mouth Breathing and Low Tongue Posture, to many of the associated and avoidable health problems. We offer a comprehensive strategy to correct these habits, thereby enhancing the health of the individual.


When ignored, they are responsible for orthodontic relapse and instability at least, and many of the supposed ‘unconnected’ health problems at a much more serious and worrying level.

Did you know?

Early orthodontic treatment can be simpler, shorter and more favourable than treating at a later age. In children, dental cross-bite does not always cause facial lob-sideness or abnormal jaw movement. However, if facial lop-sideness is present it will worsen during growth without orthodontic treatment.


The above graph demonstrates that while very little force is required to move a front tooth, the lower lip alone can exert an inward force of up to 300gms on the teeth (over 150 times greater than moving a tooth with an orthodontic appliance!) and that the tongue can exert up to 500gms of force on the teeth (Over 250 times greater than moving a tooth with an orthodontic appliance!). This means that the teeth will sit into whatever position they get pushed!

Can Crooked Teeth Be Prevented? YES.

In order to have straight teeth your child needs correct Myofunctional Habits:

  • Child should habitually breath through nose not though mouth


  • Lips together at rest


  • Tongue resting in roof of mouth


  • No muscle movement around mouth during sub-conscious swallow


  • No thumb, digit or non-nutritive sucking habits


Genetics, although it has a role to play, it is not the major player.

Remember it’s the Muscles of the lips, tongue and cheeks that control whether the teeth are going to be straight or not

How the forces of the Lips, Cheeks and Tongue Affect Facial Growth and Development.

myofunctional therapy CorkDid you know?

That breastfeeding places beneficial orthopaedic forces on the jaws, similar to the forces of Functional Jaw orthopaedics.

The Functional orthodontist – 2001

To summarise: The muscles of the Lips, Cheeks and Tongue are really the bullies, and determine bone and hence tooth alignment!


Their activity, positive or negative undoubtedly controls a child’s facial growth and development, and tooth positioning!

Parents: What to look-out for in your own child:

  1. Is your child a Mouth Breather or Nose Breather?Tip: Quietly observe your child sleeping at night. Are they sleeping with their mouth open or closed?
  2. Are the lips apart at rest?Tip: When sitting down say watching T.V., is the mouth open or closed?
  3. Are the chin muscles being used in order to bring the lips together? Maybe termed “Pursing the lips”
  4. Do the lips move when the child swallows, when not eating or drinking?
  5. Does the lower lip rest on or behind the upper front teeth?

If you answered YES to any of these your child may have a Myofunctional problem.

When Should Treatment Begin?

The lower jaw completes its growth phase at approximately 20 years of age but a child’s mid face, which includes the upper jaw stops growing at approximately 12 years of age!


It is therefore imperative to capture this short ‘window of opportunity’ to promote correct muscular function, establish nasal breathing, and encourage forward facial growth, all of which not only result in a stable bite (good occlusion) and straight teeth, but greatly enhances the facial appearance.


It is now possible to help children to modify these destructive patterns and as a result not only see an improvement in the growth and development of the face, jaws, and dentition, but in their overall health and wellbeing.

What Are The Advantages Of Starting Early?

The younger we can start treatment with a child the better (5+)

  • They have had less time for these bad habits to become ingrained


  • They can benefit greatly while the mid face is still developing (note Childs Face is 60% grown by Age 4


  • It is easier and quicker to correct Myofunctional Disorders when the child is still growing


  • It is easier to establish Nasal Breathing and benefit from the all the Health consequences

What Are The Advantages of Myofunctional Orthodontics?

Myofunctional Orthodontics:

  • Identifies the causes of crooked teeth and mis-aligned jaws at a young age, and allows for early intervention treatment in an non-invasive manner


  • Treats the CAUSES of crooked teeth in the growing child, capturing the ‘Short Window Of Opportunity’ that exists to promote positive facial growth before the age of 12 years.


  • Has positive benefits for the tooth alignment, facial appearance, posture, and general health in young children and all patients


  • Does not require the use of full “Fixed Braces”, if treated early enough, thus saving parents the cost of fixed braces later


  • Benefits of Nasal Breathing, including less ENT infections such as ear, throat and chest infections, sinus problems, and Asthma


  • Improves sleeping pattern (better REM sleep)


  • Improved Facial Growth and attractiveness (Better Faces, Less Braces!)


  • Avoids future TMJ problems


  • Health benefits such as improved posture (standing straighter with head over shoulders)


  • Improved stability post orthodontic treatment without the need for long term retention


  • These destructive habits cannot be corrected with fixed braces. Myofunctional Orthodontics is the only treatment that addresses and corrects the causes of CROOKED teeth.

Why is Airway so important?

Myofunctional Therapy Program

How it Works:

This therapy involves retraining the bad muscle habits of the Tongue, Lips and Cheek Muscles.


Specially designed muscle exercises are taught to each patient to help re-pattern, modify and   correct the bad oral habits which actually cause the crooked teeth.


Special high tech ‘Trainer’ appliances are used in conjunction with fun training activity classes, not only to straighten teeth, but to treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth.


  • The Myofunctional Program is spread out over 1 year. Children are seen every week for the first 8 weeks. It is a very important, intensive period as patients learn how to recognise bad oral habits and establish good conscious muscle patterns. The remaining exercises over the following 10 months are designed to reinforce good habits in order to establish and maintain them at a sub-conscious level permanently.


  • It is very important that at least one parent is involved in supervising and monitoring the exercise program with the child, and to establish good routine. The exercises require commitment, but with diligence, the results are amazing!


  • Our Posture and Breathing Well Program is an intregal part of enhancing our patients health.


  • Parents are encouaged to avoid as much processed food as possible, and to give their child “Chewey Food ” such as meat (rather than Hamburgers), fresh fruit and raw vegetables. Food that requires chewing helps the Jaw muscles and bones to grow stronger thus enhancing facial growth and development.


  • Nasal Breathing is encouraged at all times. All Asthematics will be required to do the Butekyko Breathing Program with Mr Patrick McKeown.


It is the child’s responsibility to correct their own myofunctional bad habit.

About 30% of children may need a second year of Myofunctional Therapy.

However if your child presents with an already narrow upper jaw (Palate) space may initially be required to posture the tongue correctly before myofunctional therapy


This is generally achieved with an expansion appliance such as a Biobloc 1.


This appliance is worn 24/7 for a few months until the upper jaw is of sufficient size. We can then start with Myofunctional Therapy Program.

Myofunctional Therapy Program - Assessment

If you wish to bring your child for an Assessment, what does it involve?

We encourage all parents to bring their child along for a free examination and chat, but in order to do a comprehensive treatment plan, we normally require X-rays, (Lateral skull and panoramic), impressions for study casts, photographs of face, teeth and body posture.

Once we have all these records, a full written treatment plan is discussed with parents and child.


It is very important that everyone fully understands the treatment proposed and the costs involved, as any course in orthodontic treatment requires a commitment from all parties concerned.


Free Information Seminars are regularly held for parents and children. If you would like to attend one of these seminars, please call O’Connor Dental Health to arrange a place for you and your family

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