Orthodontic Retainer

When Orthodontic Treatment is completed, Retainers are normally fitted immediately.

A decision must be made on, How Best to Retain the Beautiful Smile attained?

Several options are available:

  • No Retainers!  Yes, for those patients who have successfully corrected their destructive Myofunctional Habits (through our Myofunctional Therapy Program), retention is unnecessarry, as the teeth should remain stable in the 'Neutral Zone' where the Muscular forces of the Lips, Cheeks and Tongue are Balanced.
  • Removable Retainers: These are made of plastic and worn initially full-time for the first few weeks, except for eating, after which they are worn at night only. If there are signs of un-corrected Myofunctional Habits, we advise Life-Time Retention.
  • Fixed Retainers:  This involves Bonding a light wire to the back of the Upper and/or Lower front teeth. These wires are usually left in place indefinetly.
  • Relapse:  90% of all orthodontic cases will relapse, if retainers are not worn.  This is not the case when poor myofunctional habits are corrected.


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