What are Clear Braces / Clear Aligners

These are clear plastic trays (like very thin gum-shields) that fit over the teeth. A series of different size trays are fabricated by a specialist laboratory in order to move your teeth gently into the correct position.This system of moving teeth using clear aligners is often referred to as ‘Invisalign’.

Advantages Of Clear Braces

There are numerous advantages to clear braces, the most obvious one being the fact that there is no the stigma of a metal mouth, and they are nearly invisible to others. These new aligners could be removed for eating meals and dental hygiene home care; afterward, they could be placed back in the mouth to continue tooth movement, they are easy to clean. Also a general note is that oral health is improved through properly aligned teeth, whether achieved with metal braces or invisible braces.

Clear Braces Ballincollig

Summing up the advantavges:

  • No wires

  • No metal brackets

  • No one can see them!

  • Health benefits

Disadvantages Of Clear Braces

One of the vital things to note here, is that every patient is different, and its important to get an assessment to see if clear braces can work well with you.  Its vital that you address the cause of the crooked teeth, or else in the future there is a good chance they will return to the previous state.  

  • Clear Aligners do not correct a "Bad Bite".

  • Clear Aligners do not correct Myofunctional Problems such as tongue thrust or Incorrect swallowing pattern

  • Moving Teeth usually involves "stripping some Enamel-off Teeth" in order to create space to re-align teeth

  • Permanent Retention is usually required once teeth have been re-aligned

Which treatment is right for me?

Every case is different, as is yours, that is why its very important that you come in to visit us so we can complete a full assessment of your teeth, jaw, facial structure and more, and guide you through the options available to you.  Its vital that you understand the options available to you, so you can make the best decision for you.

How much to do Braces Cost?

At O'Connor Dental Health, we aim to provide exceptional, but affordable dental treatments. If you have a question regarding getting braces of any type please or the specific cost, please get in touch with us. Our prices are as follows:

Damon Braces (Metal Brackets)
Upper and lower arches €4,000
Damon Clear Braces
Upper and lower arches €4,500
Clear upper arch metal lower arch €3,800
Clear Aligners €1,500 - €2,000

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