This is type of "Orthodontics" is suited for patients who just want straight front teeth in a short time-frame.

Patients who choose to have this form of treatment should be aware of its limitations.  If a normal course of Orthodontics takes anywhere between 1 to 2 years, having your teeth straightened in 6 months must have obvious short-cuts!

 Advantages of 6 month Braces

  • Straight teeth in 6 months
  • No "awkward" appliances to wear
  • Cost? May be slightly cheaper than a full course of orthodontic treatment. Patients should check price.

Disadvantages of 6 month Braces:

  • 6 Month Braces - Are they right for you?No correction of bad - bite or jaw discrepancy between upper and lower jaw. Only corrects alignment of 6 front teeth.  It is most impotant that the upper and lower jaws are in a balanced position in order to avoid problems with the jaw-joint (T.M.J) later. Ignore bad bites at your peril!
  • Usually involves "stripping" or cutting enamel from good teeth in order to "fit teeth into spaces"
  • No correction of Myofunctional problems eg: Tongue Thrust, Incorrect Swallow or Thumb-sucking  (The reason/s why your teeth became crooked in the first place). Hence permanent retention is always required, as otherwise the teeth may go crooked again.
  • Permanent  Retention is always required. This involves wearing bonded retainers i.e. 'wires glued to the back of your top and bottom teeth' for Life. This may also cause Gum Problems or T.M.J problems.

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