Ear, Nose and Throat Problems:

Do you regularly suffer from:

  • Sore Throat due to enlarged Tonsils or Adenoids
  • Stuffy Ears or "Glue ear". Otitis Media Infection. This type of infection is very common in children and is traditionally treated by the surgical placment of Grommets in the ears to drain the infection. This practice has been used in Ireland since 1954.
  • Sinus Infections, pain in the face
  • Blocked Nose, difficulty breathing through nose
  • Allergies
  • Rhinitis or "Runny Nose"  
  • Hearing Loss or Noise / ringing in the Ear often called "Tinnitus"
  • Snoring  


  • Consultation with a Medical Doctor in order to diagnose the cause of the problem. Surgical intervention may be necessary.

  • Consultation with a Dentist who understands Facial Growth Abnormalities. Simple Bite opening techniques may allleviate young children with regular "Glue Ear "problems. Adults should have their "Bite" checked, as Sinus and "Noisy ear" problems may be caused by a Bad "Bite".

  •  If somebody has a  Mouth Breathing problem, the Buteyko Breathing Program or our own Breathing Well program are highly recommended. Once normal nasal breathing is re-established E.N.T problems often dissappear.    

  •  Myofunctional Therapy
    This therapy is frequently required to modify and correct the bad oral muscular habits such as tongue thrust, incorrect swallow and mouth-breathing, all of which cause the teeth to become crooked and the face to develop poorly thus compromising the airways. Correct oral habits encourage forward mid-facial development, particularly in children, thus opening the airways, establishing nasal breathing, and improving overall health, and wellness. We are the only Practice in the country currently addressing, modifying, and correcting bad oral habits using Myofunctional Therapy.