General Dental Fees

Exam fee €40
All children 12 and under  
Teeth Cleaning
with Dentist €50
with Hygienist 30 minute session €60
Amalgam €70 - €80
Composite (White) €90 - €110
Regular €95
Surgical €120 - €150
Fissure Sealants €20 per tooth
Porcelain Bonded Crown


All porcelain (Zirconia) €850
Veneers €700
Bridges €650 per unit
Implants €2,500 (single tooth)
includes cost of final crown
Multiple Implants (fee to be arranged)
Partial Acrylic Denture €450
Full Acrylic Denture upper or lower €650
Full upper and lower acrylic €900
Cobalt chrome denture €1,100
Addition of tooth to denture €70
Single tooth root canal (including filling) €450
Molar tooth (including filling) €600
Hygiene: Scale and polish €60 for 30 minutes

Free Information Seminars are regularly held for parents and children. If you would like to attend one of these seminars, please call O’Connor Dental Health to arrange a place for you and your family.

Myofunctional Therapy Fees

Assessment fee €150'
Myofunctional Therapy €1,300''
Expansion appliance before Myofunctional Therapy €1,500 - €2,800'

'(deducted from Treatment costs should patient go-ahead with Treatment)

''(assessment fee of €150.00 to be deducted if patient proceeds with treatment) We normally take a small deposit when treatment commences, and spread the remaining payments out over the following 11 months of therapy. (Approx €85 - €90)

This may be all the treatment a young child requires. However, 30% of children may need a second year of Myofunctional treatment at an additional fee.

'''Fee is variable depending on the number of appliances (Braces) required.

Orthodontic Fees

Damon Braces (Metal Brackets)
Upper and lower arches €4,000
Damon Clear Braces
Upper and lower arches €4,500
Clear upper arch metal lower arch €3,800
Clear Aligners €1,500 - €2,000