G.M.S.,Medical card holders

Do you know most G.M.S.,Medical card holders are entitled to:

  • Two free fillings per year if deemed clinically necessary by Dentist.
  • Free extractions (including Wisdom Teeth)
  • Dentures either Partial or Full- Set, may be provided subject to approval by Health Board.

P.R.S.I  Patients

Due to Government cut-backs, patients are now only entitled to 1 free examination per year.

Private Insurance

There are several companies offering Dental Insurance. Patients should familiarise themselves with these new schemes and determine whether or not the Dental Insurance offered suits their own circumstances.

  Companies offering Dental Insurance:

  •        V.H.I Dental Care Scheme

  •        Aviva Health

New Healthcare Discount Scheme 

     Read more about it here WWW.SOLASHEALTH.COM 

 We are please to announce, that this practice ,is now a member of this new Healthcare scheme, offering substantial savings on all aspects of Dentistry.