What is a Denture

A denture is a removable replacement for teeth that are missing and surrounding tissues.
There are 2 main types of dentures are available

  1. Complete dentures: are used when all the teeth are missing.
  2. Partial dentures: are used when some natural teeth remain.

Dentures Ballincollig

The different types of dentures that we offer here are:

  • Acrylic Dentures (Plastic)

  • Partial Acrylic Denture 
    This is used for Replacing a few missing teeth

  • Partial Cobalt-Chrome Denture
    This is the most comfortable type of denture to wear as most of the palate is exposed, and the taste of food can be more fully appreciated.

  • Full Acrylic Denture 
    This is used when Replacing all teeth on one Jaw.

What is the process of getting Dentures

It will take a few weeks after you decide that you want Dentures before they will be created.  The process of creating your new dentures takes a few weeks and several appointments.

  1. We will first make a series of impressions of your jaw.
  2. Then we will create a sample models in the exact shape and position of the denture to be made. The reason for this is for you to test the denture and see the results, and further alterations needed. 
  3. Finally we will cast a final denture
  4. You try it with and we make any final adjustments if necessary

How Much do Dentures cost?

Our Current price for dentures is as follows

Partial Acrylic Denture €450
Full Acrylic Denture upper or lower €500
Full upper and lower acrylic €750
Cobalt chrome denture €1,100
Addition of tooth to denture €70

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