What is a Crown?

A crown, or 'Cap' is a restorations that entirely covers a damaged or broken tooth.
Crowns can be used to restore:

  •      A fractured tooth due to Trauma,
  •      Badly decayed tooth where a filling would not be strong enough
  •      Teeth damaged as a result of too much grinding
  •      Discoloured or mis-shapen teeth
  •      Root-treated teeth,these teeth are brittle after root-canal treatment and crowns improve greatly the life-time of such teeth
  •      Multiple Crowns or Veneers are used to create a Beautiful Smile
  •      Crowns can also be used as a support for a Bridge (replacing missing teeth)


Types of Crowns

All Porcelain Crowns.
I generally advise these type of crowns for anterior (front) teeth. We use Zirconia as it is made of a very hard material and unlikely to fracture.They also avoid the dark metal margin sometimes seen near the gum line in old crowns.

Porcelain Bonded to Metal (generally used for posterior (back) teeth)
These are tooth coloured, but have a metal sub-structure to make the crown stronger.

All Metal crowns eg. Gold Crown
These can be made of a High percentage gold (Yellow) or Lower percentage (silver colour)

 What's involved in getting a crown?

  1. Firstly the tooth is anaesthesised,then the damaged/cracked tooth is prepared for a crown.

  2. This usually involves the removal of approx 1 to 1.5 mm of tooth substance around tooth.An impression is taken and a temporary crown is fitted. Shade and colour matching checked.

  3. The temporary crown is not always a perfect match to exising teeth ,however this is generally only in place for 1 to 2 weeks ,until new crown is fitted.

Life Span of Crown?

This depends on the patients oral hygiene and habits such as grinding. Patients teeth change colour throughout life,so anterior crowns may need replacing in order to match up with shade variability. Normally though a crown should last 10 to 15 years at least.

What is the cost of a dental Crown

At O'Connor Dental Health, we aim to provide exceptional, but affordable dental treatments.  If you have a question regarding getting a dental crown completed please get in touch with us.

Our prices are as follows:

Porcelain Bonded Crown


All porcelain (Zirconia) €850
Veneers €700
Bridges €650 per unit

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