Posture and Breathing Program

Buteyko breathing CorkProper Airway Development depends upon good jaw and facial growth.

Equally, proper jaw and facial development depends upon good airways.

(Ref: Enlow's Essentials of Facial Growth)

If your child is an habitual mouth breather, the tongue cannot rest up in the roof of the mouth (Palate) where it is meant to be. Low tongue posture is very destructive.

A very important function of the tongue is to encourage the broad U shaped growth of the upper jaw to accomodate all the teeth. This is only achieved when the tongue rests up in the palate. Failure to do so inhibits the natural growth of the upper jaw and results in a smaller, narrower V-shaped one.

This leads to insufficient space for erupting teeth, hence All Mouth Breathers will have crookd teeth.

The mouth was never intended to be used by humans as an airway, and it is certainly not designed to deliever clean, moist, warm air to the lungs. The nose however is.

Is it any wonder why mouthbreathers suffer so many ENT prpblems when they spend their lives delievering dirty, dry, cold, bacteria infected air to the lungs??

Our Posture and Breathing Program aims to teach your child how to Breath properly through the Nose.

We teach the child:

  • The benefits of nasal breathing
  • How to breath properly from the diaphram
  • Good standing and sitting posture
  • How to build core muscle strength to enhance correct breathing and posture

We believe that switching from mouth to nasal breathing is the most profound positive health change a person can make for themselves.

There are so many health benefits to experience once Nasal Breathing is established besides straight teeth!!

Our program is a modified version of the Buteyko Breathing Program, and taught over 5 x 1hour sessions followed by 3 x 1monthly check up sessions over 90 days.

Classes are conducted with other children (parents included) in small groups.

Home exercises are also required in order to be successful.