Nutritional advice

Good Nutrition is important for normal childhood growth and development, and following a balanced diet (including a good breakfast) may help kids do better in school.

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Our Simple Nutritional Advise to You Is:

  • To prevent Dental Decay, parents and patients need to avoid sugary foods as much as possible. Avoid soft drinks and Low sugar Juices, sweets, and other sugar containing foods. Some of the new "Healthy Yoghurts" have a high sugar content!
  • To encourage Normal Facial Development, children should be encouaged to eat less processed foods eg Pizzas, Burgers etc and to eat more chewey type of foods such as Steak, and freshly cooked chicken. Eating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and if possible, vegatable carrot, celery, red and green pepper sticks, all help to promote bone and jaw development.
  • Correct chewing of 'harder' foods actively encourages good facial growth!
  • Breast feeding your baby promotes forward positive facial growth.