A.L.F Appliance (Advanced Lightwire Functional appliance)

The A.L.F appliance is worn inside or behind your teeth and is barely visible at all. The A.L.F. appliance was invented by Dr. Darrick Nordstrom

Purpose of A.L.F appliance

  • It is a method of aligning teeth without braces

  • It addresses alignment of the cranial bones using principles of cranial osteopathy, a bit like "ironing-out the Kinks" in the skull bones.

  • It helps to bring about changes in muscle function to achieve stable results

  • A.L.F is a Whole-Body-Mind approach to improve overall health

Advantages of A.L.F

  • Cosmetics. It is barely visible!

  • Gentle, far less discomfort than regular braces

  • Stability: No need for long term retention (if correct tongue position is restored)