The braces I had when I was 12 years of age pulled my teeth over the mid-line to cover a gap which a missing tooth had left. The gap had widened again, but worse, my jaw was clicking when chewing and I felt tension in my left side of the neck and even into the shoulders and down to my left hip. As a Feldenkrais (Awareness Through Movement) teacher I realized that something was structurally misaligned. I went for a consultation with Tony who having thoroughly assessed my teeth, palate and jaw and their functioning and also let me know that I had a tongue-tie. I’m not someone who takes decisions spontaneously, but after the first consultation I knew that my concerns would be addressed here with sensitivity and the best of professional support. I also realized that Tony had a keen interest in most recent developments in dentistry It was a challenge for me, now in my 50s, to embark on this journey. But I remembered how I had accompanied my children to their orthodontic treatments and decided that in a similar way I would look after my own health as well. There were several stages - my tongue-tie was released, then I got Myofunctional Instruction from Bridget, learning how to better use my tongue and jaw. I got an alf appliance to widen the jaw, then braces to align the teeth. Somewhere along the journey the jaw stopped clicking and my left shoulder and hip were not painful. And yesterday a new tooth got set in. Every step was taken carefully and I was given the time necessary to adjust to the changes. I realised soon that this dentist’s surgery was a special place, in that the team of Tony, Bridget and Emily work together closely. Every step was monitored and coordinated between them and I felt that they had my well-being as patient and person at their heart. I’m so glad that I trusted them and can only say that their enthusiasm, dedication and professional care was so very genuine. I’m off now to practice my smile!