The New Way to achieve a beautiful smile. straight teeth. easy breathing. pain reduction.



We are a highly trained professional dental team genuinely offering a unique range of treatment to you and all your family.

Our mission is to ensure that all your dental needs are catered for, from general dental treatments, excellent crown, implant, and bridgework, to a full and comprehensive range of Orthodontics, Orthopaedics, and Orthotropics.


However, what makes us Really Unique is that we are the only practice in the country trained identify and correct destructive oral habits such as mouth-breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb/digit sucking, and incorrect swallow, the habits that actually cause crooked teeth and poor facial growth, in our Myofunctional Orthodontic Program.


Hence, we offer a complete and comprehensive Orthodontic service to all our patients, both young and 'not so young' because we identify, address, and correct the actual CAUSES of Crooked Teeth. The benefits of our program besides straight teeth is that a patient's Health can be profoundly enhanced, facial aesthetics positively improved, orthodontic treatment accelerated and orthodontic relapse greatly reduced.  

Research has shown that correcting these bad oral habits has a Profound Positive Affect on ones HEALTH, helps straighten teeth, properly align the jaws, and encourages proper forward more attractive facial growth, particularly when applied to young children.

Early intervention is a key factor to success (age 5+).

Correction is non-invasive, with Positive Health Benefits that give us something to really Smile about.